More Than Your Average Southern Belle

Born in the deep south, Latisha has created a healthy, holistic lifestyle living as her authentic self on the east coast while studying as a PhD student in biochemistry and molecular biology.

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“Expect a new post from me once a month on a wide range of topics. Be sure to follow me (by clicking the follow button below) so that you never miss a post.”

Latisha, PhD Candidate, 200hr CYT

Gratified Grad

“Gratified Grad aims to help students not only to survive their process through higher education, but to thrive while doing. Gratified Grad teaches individuals how to graduate with gratification.”

Latisha, Gratified Grad, Owner and Founder

Latisha is very healthy and money conscious. I often ask myself “what would Tisha eat?” or “would Tisha buy this now or later?”

Erica Yost, Elementary School Teacher

“I am confident in Latisha’s success because one of her greatest strengths is her ability to recognize her own professional weakness, implement a plan to mitigate it and then commit to the hard work of improving her skills”

Dr. Wendy Hanna-Rose, Pennsylvania State University


LifewithLatisha is a platform that captures many of life’s teachable moments and works through them so that we can learn and continue living.

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